Saturday, June 30, 2007


It has been one thing after another for me since the Gila stage race. even in the race I was plaged by bad luck. I won't lie it has been frustrating. but in this world of cycling you just can't give up. today I was back. maybe not all the way but back to myself. my result was pretty good, not sure excatly of my pace? but I felt good. riding like my old self. and that is the best feelimng.
~Today marked the beginning of the “Hill climbs” in CO.
These are mass start races that ascend long and difficult climbs, normally with no flat ground to start with. Just straight up. It provides a very interesting type of bike racing. You need to be a climber yes, you need to be a good TTer yes. You can almost ride just your own race the draft is not much on a steep grade but there is some. There are also sections of false flats or even some short down hills. Don’t want to get left behind when you could be getting a “free ride”. So it make for some very precise, calculated racing. The culmination of these races is the mt Evans hill climb. 20+ miles into the sky topping out at 14,000 feet or something crazy. Sub 2 hours would have you doing very well in the pro race.
Today was the sunshine Canyon Hill climb. arguably the easiest of the 3. sub 45’ if your doing well with a few flat sections and the last 3rd on dirt. Which again make for tough racing. Know what happens when you stand up on a 12% grade dirt road? Your back wheel slides. Better have the juice to sit and hammer!! Trying to get some pictures but internet security is surpassing my hacker skills. here's a PIC of me in over drive
race report up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dead Dog Stage Race

A good portion of the team went to Wy this past weekend for the Dead Dog stage race. this is a killer 3 stage race in 2 days. The RR ascends to about 10,000’ in elevation over the first and second climb. And if you not climbing or descending at 57 MPH the wind should keep you plenty busy! The crit course is flat and fast but again the wind makes things interesting and the tight left right dog leg on the back side will be sure to keep you attentive and with a highest flat TT (at 9,000’) starting 2 hours after the finish of thee crit, energy is used wisely.
It was a fun time staying with the team. lots of fun was had. It was Andy’s B-day and we celebrated with some port and wine. The food was great all around Laramie and the night life was… much better than excepted. MUCH better, as Andy found out with at least one phone number. Not kidding.
Race reports soon.

And a few memorable moments…
~ Max in the morning.
~ ”No Mike that’s your White Wine glass”
~ Max’s pre TT dance to Fort Minor
~ My crit cheering section
~ Jim’s movies…

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rocky Mt. Omnium part 2

When things were starting to look bad as my self and a few other team members were getting dropped in the final laps of the 50' Curtis park Crit, Kelly Rudick made a huge move off the front with GC contender Wes from the Hauln ass team. With our 4th place GC rider in the pack and Wes looking to take over all victory Kelly had no intenions of working and pulled of an excelent tactical win for the team!
Over all it was a great weekend for the team. picking up 4th and 5th place in the RR
9th place in the TT first in the crit and a 5th over al the the Rocky mt. Omnium!

pics coming!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rocky Mt. Omnium

Hugo RR report Up.
lost of nice people out there today. A big thank you to random pick-up truk guy handing out water, lifer saver. and the wheel car guy. nice motor pacing!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rocky Mt. Omnium

heading back here soon!

Plans for my east coast trip in August and September are coming together so all you east coasters get ready. I have some serious racing, speech giving and coaching clinicing to do! Stay tuned for more details on “How to analyze your season and prepare for next year”
Should be a good time for all!

~Some big races this weekend. The Rocky Mt. Omnium is Friday through Sunday. TT, RR Crit. Should provide some fun racing. I will be skipping the TT due to some work constraints. Yes coaching all you to success does infringe on my own racing some times but no worries. I wasn’t looking to lay it down on the TT set up nd I love my job!.
I have been a bit off since Gila some bad racing decisions and then a seemingly weak cold knocked me on the floor for what has seemed like for ever. I thought I was coming out of it but the race this past weekend in Fort Collins told me other wise. Today however I felt much better and my PR up a local climb proved that to me. So hopefully I can be of use this weekend. It could be 110+ miles of major damage control, but then again… maybe not? Philly week is over and all the big boys are back. We’ll see if they are up for more racing??

The PTS June newsletter is up check that out!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More non-racing.

A little more on ballence:
My parents have been out here for the last... almost 3 weeks. they are touring the country for theyre secons summer in yes, a 30+ foot death trap of a motor home. we'll leave that subject alone.

I have gotten in some raing since Gila but a bit of a cold has keep me at bay this past week.

here is one from the gold miners crit a few weeks back. I was upset at first at getting droped. and when you look at the results you;ll see i was last. the last FINISHER. The other HALF of the sallys that were racing pulled out quickly after being dropped. never give up. ever.

OK onward. there were lots of cool day and 1/2 day trips that have made that last few weeks very cool and made me apperciate were we live.

Here is my day and me solving world
hunger and a few environmental issues as well

enjoying some wine with my 3
favorit people in the world...

Hiking at at 10,000 feet. and a trip to rocky mt. national park.

bottom line have a good ballence is tough. and you WILL screw it up one or twice or likly more. But it is well worth the effort, as you can see.
Lots of racing coming soon.