Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More non-racing.

A little more on ballence:
My parents have been out here for the last... almost 3 weeks. they are touring the country for theyre secons summer in yes, a 30+ foot death trap of a motor home. we'll leave that subject alone.

I have gotten in some raing since Gila but a bit of a cold has keep me at bay this past week.

here is one from the gold miners crit a few weeks back. I was upset at first at getting droped. and when you look at the results you;ll see i was last. the last FINISHER. The other HALF of the sallys that were racing pulled out quickly after being dropped. never give up. ever.

OK onward. there were lots of cool day and 1/2 day trips that have made that last few weeks very cool and made me apperciate were we live.

Here is my day and me solving world
hunger and a few environmental issues as well

enjoying some wine with my 3
favorit people in the world...

Hiking at at 10,000 feet. and a trip to rocky mt. national park.

bottom line have a good ballence is tough. and you WILL screw it up one or twice or likly more. But it is well worth the effort, as you can see.
Lots of racing coming soon.

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