Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rocky Mt. Omnium

heading back here soon!

Plans for my east coast trip in August and September are coming together so all you east coasters get ready. I have some serious racing, speech giving and coaching clinicing to do! Stay tuned for more details on “How to analyze your season and prepare for next year”
Should be a good time for all!

~Some big races this weekend. The Rocky Mt. Omnium is Friday through Sunday. TT, RR Crit. Should provide some fun racing. I will be skipping the TT due to some work constraints. Yes coaching all you to success does infringe on my own racing some times but no worries. I wasn’t looking to lay it down on the TT set up nd I love my job!.
I have been a bit off since Gila some bad racing decisions and then a seemingly weak cold knocked me on the floor for what has seemed like for ever. I thought I was coming out of it but the race this past weekend in Fort Collins told me other wise. Today however I felt much better and my PR up a local climb proved that to me. So hopefully I can be of use this weekend. It could be 110+ miles of major damage control, but then again… maybe not? Philly week is over and all the big boys are back. We’ll see if they are up for more racing??

The PTS June newsletter is up check that out!

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