Sunday, April 29, 2007

final tune up

Today was the dear Trail RR. only 3 days before the start of the a Gila. with a rolling course at around 75 miles I thought it would be perfect last tune up and a chance to get a result.
An interesting course, 2 out and backs the we did twice. the first one was pretty flat while the second got pretty heavy. a clasic flat to rolling course.
In the end I managed to make "the" final move picking up the early break and thundering to the line. check out the Race Reports to see how it played out.

Monday, April 23, 2007

More Racing.

The Haystack TT was a great time and a great race I hope it comes back next year. It is also perfect timing for fine tuning for the tour of the Gila my first big A race of the season. lessons learned. Be early! And even more importantly. BE EARLY!!!
**The TT on this day was a fast course but still a heavy one. A few rolling hills around the half way point and a long barely uphill 3 mill drag to the finish line proved to make this a deceivingly hard course. I road the course a few times the other day once steady and easy and the other with some 5’ intervals. I figured even if the conditions were real good, no wind. It would be hard for me to go faster than 26 MPH average. Come race day I was excited to test myself. This week I had started to cut back my over all training time and no more tempo, threshold, “hard work” kinda training. It is full gas or recovery ride from here to Gila. **

Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend racing

here is a link to a pic from the Roubaix. the Boulder roubaix. A killer course. only 75 miles but with a few sharp climbs, 80% dirt roads and a few pros mixed in it made for a rough day. in the race reports soon!
also here is a pic from the RR at the air force acadamy in CO. springs an extremely beautifull place. just unreal. the course was unreal as well. lots of wind and 1 killer climb. that we did each lap. the course was the 1987 worlds course. they did 10 laps. the mere 5 we did provided plenty of carneage. race report on that as well

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007

First Impressions

Today was supposed to be the Boulder Roubaix. a killer course with 80% dirt roads, wind and the competition of... well, Boulder. it was longer. finally. 70+ miles. so when the weather turned south and I was bummed. then the race got postponed to nest weekend. I thought "good I can just train this weekend and do a double race weekend next week." but the weather is still bad and getting worse. upon awaking to freezing sleet, some snow temps in the 20's I was a bit disappointed. And when the little guy (our cat) started rubbing his eye and not opening it the day wore on. A trip to the vet, a trip to pick up a car left at work Friday, and now it was after 1pm. so I did what I do when the motivation needs some help. I ate 2 doughnuts drank a few extra cups of coffee and went for it. the cross bike saved the day again. Marshal Mesa, some tempo and a few trips up a short local climb and I was starting to feel it. back home I got out the trainer to finish myself off. this pic is me geting ready to crank out some tempo after the 3 hour mark.

so the day turned out ok. yeah I would rather have it 60+ degrees and have ridden 5 hours up in the mountains but still a solid day and fun, yeah it was. and the cat is fine. So I guess a first impression is... a first impession. They happen for a reason but it doesn't mean we have to let it get to us or accept it.

lots of racing next weekend! stay posted!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Raceing time

I want to say a big congratulations to all of my clients who raced this weekend, and there were a few. One man surprised himself doing much better than he thought he was going to do. Darcy McGuire and Stephanie Chase (teammates) finished 2nd and 5th respective at the Beat pot crit in Somerville MA.! Nice job ladies!!! And everyone meet there goals of not only surviving there fist race of the season but feeling good and being proactive instead of "pack fill"

Nice work everyone! I am very proud.

I had a race today as well. The Kloppenburg RR. named after the infamous climb in the Tour of Flanders. so right there you know things are gona be rough, add 15+ pro’s to the field 50% dirt roads and you got yourself 45 miles a pain. yeah only 45 miles! check out the race report!