Monday, April 23, 2007

More Racing.

The Haystack TT was a great time and a great race I hope it comes back next year. It is also perfect timing for fine tuning for the tour of the Gila my first big A race of the season. lessons learned. Be early! And even more importantly. BE EARLY!!!
**The TT on this day was a fast course but still a heavy one. A few rolling hills around the half way point and a long barely uphill 3 mill drag to the finish line proved to make this a deceivingly hard course. I road the course a few times the other day once steady and easy and the other with some 5’ intervals. I figured even if the conditions were real good, no wind. It would be hard for me to go faster than 26 MPH average. Come race day I was excited to test myself. This week I had started to cut back my over all training time and no more tempo, threshold, “hard work” kinda training. It is full gas or recovery ride from here to Gila. **

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