Sunday, April 08, 2007

First Impressions

Today was supposed to be the Boulder Roubaix. a killer course with 80% dirt roads, wind and the competition of... well, Boulder. it was longer. finally. 70+ miles. so when the weather turned south and I was bummed. then the race got postponed to nest weekend. I thought "good I can just train this weekend and do a double race weekend next week." but the weather is still bad and getting worse. upon awaking to freezing sleet, some snow temps in the 20's I was a bit disappointed. And when the little guy (our cat) started rubbing his eye and not opening it the day wore on. A trip to the vet, a trip to pick up a car left at work Friday, and now it was after 1pm. so I did what I do when the motivation needs some help. I ate 2 doughnuts drank a few extra cups of coffee and went for it. the cross bike saved the day again. Marshal Mesa, some tempo and a few trips up a short local climb and I was starting to feel it. back home I got out the trainer to finish myself off. this pic is me geting ready to crank out some tempo after the 3 hour mark.

so the day turned out ok. yeah I would rather have it 60+ degrees and have ridden 5 hours up in the mountains but still a solid day and fun, yeah it was. and the cat is fine. So I guess a first impression is... a first impession. They happen for a reason but it doesn't mean we have to let it get to us or accept it.

lots of racing next weekend! stay posted!!

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