Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who ever can tell me what race this is from will get a a free month of coaching. hint, taking in 02, the other person in the pic is not in my race...

I did the local cross race this weekend and it was, Mummm… a cross race. Had a great start, felt good. Made it through the first major technical part with out losing a spot. So running in 4th I was just waiting for a gap to open behind me. But technical area number two had me doing everything to try and not crash and in a split second I went from 4th to maybe 15th, in my granny gear pedaling down hill. Horrible feeling. A started to make my way back still with good legs and a found my self looking straight down at a rider on the ground. “This is not going to be good for momentum.” I thought. I pulled off a nice roll and was back up quickly but now the gap to the 2 leading groups was to big to close. a few more not so graceful trips through the beach and I was in the 18th position where I would finish. Felt good which is nice and it was pretty fun! So there you go. Before the racing I was talking to a friend about how I had done “all 4” types of races this year. Road, Mtb (firecracker 50) Triathlon (Silverman) and now a final Cross race. he said there should a be points series for most “versatile athlete”. “That would be SWEET!” giving us “jack of all trades, master of none” guys something to possibly win!”

I figured I would kick off my training with a bang and I did. Things get down to business Monday. And truth be told there are a few big races up in the air still with the team, but either way things will certainly be interesting. Stay tuned for some training articles and epiphanies. The major focus of my training will be a bit different than last year. My one major physical weakness proved to be a huge burden in the racing out here. So I will work on that, a lot. However, the biggest focus for me will be making my strength even stronger. As my strength isn’t strong enough to really a weapon and I need one, badly.

Happy holidays everyone!

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