Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Day

Following is an article on planing during this time of year.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Turkey day!!
Your thinking “its Thanksgiving! What could I possibly do for training??? Turkey Carving is some of the best deltoid training there is! This will make you more stable on the bike and resist fatigue longer! Don’t miss the opportunity. Actually I am kidding. Thanksgiving marks the beginning on the holidays and the beginning of the long difficult road to start training again. I have fallen victim to the following scenario before. First its time to rest, then turkey day comes along, then Christmas, which slams full speed into new years. Throw some travel for work in there, a vacation and maybe a wedding (went to a new years wedding a few years back. Best time ever) and the next thing you know its February your turning 29. Again. And you are barely going to get in 6 weeks of base training before spring.

What to do?
Its time to plan. The answer here is this is not the time to stress about training but to plan ahead. And before we can plan one must look back at the past. Looking at your past year or more of racing and training can be the best thing you do in planning for the next season.
Here are some steeps to get you on the road to success.
1. Write down your general goals. Things that you want to focus on in general. Ie. Become a stronger runner, spend more time training on the bike. 2. Then write down specific goals: these can be precisely measured. Increase threshold wattage to 300. Run sub 30:30 minute 10k.
3. Then write down your goal races, there dates and rank them in priority.

Now you know where you want to go. From here you can look back and see where your coming from. Look at results, your notes from training and races. This is where you need to objectively look at your performance and figure were your weakness, limiters and strengths lye. This is something that should be done with your coach. Don’t have one? Get a consultation. If you have done your part, steeps 1 up to here, you can have a very useful 1 hour conversation with a certified coach. Money well spent. I just did this for my self!
You will now be armed with essential tools for planning and training for your season. 1. You have you goal races down in the calendar. 2. You should know what key skill and abilities you will need to meet your goals at these events.3. You should know what weakness match those needed skills (your limiters).

After this planning you will know the most import things to know for a successful season. Like our old hero’s would say. “And knowing is have the battle” ~GI joe~

By Coach Eric Kenney

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