Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coaching seminar #1 complete

Thanks to all who attended and to those who wanted to but couldn't come. It was a huge success! We had around 10 people attend the east coast edition. A good group yet still intimate enough where we all got to learn a little from each others experiences.

2 more coming up in CO!! If you are interested in coming and haven't received any info on them you can contact me HERE.

here is an out line of the topics I cover in this clinic.

Preparing for next year (find and train your weakness)

1. Analyze your season
a. did you meet your racing goals? Why/ why not.
b. did you meet your training objectives? Why/ why not?
c. how to analyze your goals…

2. how to find your strengths:
a. compared to the numbers
b. compared to your competition**

3. how to find your weakness:
a. by the numbers
b. compared to competition***

4. how to Plan for next season
Periodization, AND adding elements to train your weakness…
Setting race goals.
Setting t training objectives that align with your race goals.

Putting it all together.

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