Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Bridge to Engine Room...

"Scotty I need more POWER!!!!"

"Captain, your to tired! you've got no more to give!!"

That was pretty much the dialog between brain and body at the circuit race. I was acutely racing well for a bit. I found what looked like a good break but we were brought back. From there on out things got desperate and stayed that way. The legs and body, just empty.
There are a few clients that I have stressed to “you need to know where your limits are” even if your race doesn’t take you there you need to know where they are. Well, this season I found some new limits for myself.

35 races+ 3 peaks+ growing business+ part time job+ buying new house= Too Much!
Looks obvious but some times its hard to see the forest through the trees.

I knew I was pushing things coming to this race but I had to try. I regrouped after the race and figured the death march RR would be better, I would be better, not attacking early, etc…
But, after a sleepless night and significant time in the bathroom, I had to concede. GMSR, you win.

Here is a pic of me trying to figure out how I became a shadow of my normal self and some friends trying to talk some sence into me.

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