Sunday, November 19, 2006


The older I get the more I have to take. 2 Ibuprofen before, 2 after. 4 sports legs, 1 gram of L-Carnosine, 1 gram of glutamine, 1 can of GO FAST (stuff rocks) and I still can't win!

It just shows you how much skill is involved in Cyclocross. i think the winner today do 4 hr. yesterday and rod 2 hr to the race...

I feel like a looser!
Any way not such a bad race to day. Check out the race report!

As you can see a bit off balence in the back here...

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alliwannadoisbicycle said...

Hey bud, good to see a fellow 'crosser on here. I'll check out your blog every now and then. I'm just started cross and road racing this season and have been chronicling it on my blog- check it out sometime:

see you around! good luck with the races! Are you going to Nationals in RI?