Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back in the sadle 12/28/05

So finally after the sluggish start I am getting some good training in now. I have opted to do all of my strength training on the bike this winter. No weights. Big geared sprints, muscle tension intervals, hills hills hills and some ab work of course, got ot keep the ladies happy. I seem to ride much faster this winter. my endurance rides in the past have been the day after marathon leg workouts. leaving them totaly dead after 30 minutes. making the preceding 4.5 hours pure hell at 14 mph. This year I seem to being pumping along on the longer rides, the new winter bike helps too i'm sure. 3 hours this morning felt good. but not good enough. I was going to go a bit longer, ride to work and back home tonite but I feel a cold coming on and with the the wedding of the centurey coming this new yr's weekend, in wich I am an usher, I tock the better part of valor and drove to work after some green tea.
I do feel behind a bit but I think the increased focuse of "on the bike" strength work, and technique drills I have been doing will begin to pay me back soon. I hope so anyway, January will start the once or twice weekly 5 hour rides.

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