Monday, June 14, 2010

Its only June and the EK Endurance Coaching team is racking up results so fast I had to cut this list short!
Congratulations to all the athletes. everyone has been working hard, having fun and growing as an athlete overall. This is by far the best season we have ever had! below are just some of the results so far this season!

RACE DATE Athlete RESULT notes
du-athlon 2/27/10 Brent S. 2nd AG
frostbiteTT 3/6/10 Peter S. 1st!
metro TT 3/7/10 chris carr 1st / P-1-2
metro TT 3/7/10 Perter S. 1st cat 4
99 crit 3/13/10 Peter S. 1st cat 4
cu crit 3/13/10 Josh w. 3rd cat 4
ing marathon 3/21 Jared B. 4:05 first marathon!
cu oval crit 3/21 Beth jordan 5th
Branchbrook Series 3/27 matt doyal 3rd cat 4
mesa TT 2/27 chris carr 2nd
mesa RR 2/28 chris 2nd
mesa RR 3/28 Jennica 1st
crit 4/4/10 chris carr 3rd
cherry creak TT 4/14/10 peter Sch. 1st (cat 3)
Crit 4/5/10 matt doyal 2nd
haystack TT 4/17 peter sch. 4th
turtle pond 4/24 claire L. 4th
Gila TT 4/30 nathan west 9th
falcon ground speed 5/1 coach eric 2nd OA
calvins 12 hr challenge 5/1 claire L. 1st.
Dear trail RR 5/16 Luis R. 1st
independence pass HC 5/22 chris carr 1st
hugo RR 5/23 Luis R. 1st
Sunrise Tri 6/5/10 Coach Eric 2nd OA
prologe rocky mt om. 6/11/10 peter S. 1st

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