Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting a Head Start

And a little motivation:

Getting a head start is always nice. A head start on your taxes, on your training, a road trip, studying for finals, your drive to work, whatever. We all need head starts in life. In an Ironman getting a head start at the start of the bike is something you hear about allot.
"Getting out of the water early was great! no traffic had time to relax and find my rhythm"
"I got out of the water 5 min. faster than I planned! that was great I would need it later!"
And it is great! whatever your goals on race day exceeding your plans or expectations right off the bat is killer but... it doesn't always happen. The higher your goals the harder and sometimes the not so smart this proposition can be.

So whats your plan EK?
over all its pretty simple.

1. Raise me threshold pace as high as I can
2. Do the work. the long work the tech work necessary.
3. Figure out a appropriate perceived exertion to swim at and execute on race day

So 1500 yd. will be used as my threshold pace. I am aiming for at least a 1:20 threshold pace. From there a 1:25 pace on IM race day (1hr IM swim time) should be doable and efficient.
any input here? do you have the same type of pace diffences?

The reason I have decided to work so hard on my swim is many, some of which I have talked about in earlier posts.
1. I can swim hard and bike hard in training without a major loss of quality in training.
2. I feel I have more potential in my swim than my run.
3. It's F'n HARD!! and if it’s hard for me, it’s hard for others. Even if I don't gain time on the competition in the swim maybe I can save energy. It is the first thing we do. don't wana empty the tank in the first hour of a 10 hour race... do I?

So before we get all up in arms and misunderstand what I am saying here, like some did last time. There is allot to be gained in the swim. We hear this all the time. "you can only gain so much time in the swim., its the shortest event. so don't waste your time training to much"
So #1. Read my last writ up "making the most of your swim".
#2. Swimming is a full body, highly technique sensitive sport. If one can save a bit of energy, stored carbs, mental energy for later you think that will come in handy? ahh yeah! Mark V is not only the first out of the water he sets up his bike very well. many times it takes the best pro's in the US half the run to catch him!! The other day I heard the women's 2 person bobsled driver say "yeah turn 11 sets up 12 and 13" No kidding really!" I thought sarcastically. yet many people miss this concept. The swim is not the place to win an IM but it does set up the bike and run... right? A great Rowing coach said to me once. “you can’t win in the start, but can defiantly loose”

Ok back to IM Canada. how hard will i swim. I don't know? 782 out of 1000, 80%, 1:25 pace if my threshold in 1:20 or faster, as hard as I need to stay with the guy in front of me? Something like that. The plan as of now, make the most of my swim time, a few times a week over the winter and spring. if this are going well. I’m fast and where I want to be in the shorter races I will notch it back, work on the bike and run and maintain my speed while increasing my tech and efficiency.
hit us with some thoughts...What’s your perfect swim?

Ohh and that 2 person womens bobsled won a medal. GO USA!

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Anonymous said...

simple, effective hard work...
I like it Eric!