Monday, January 25, 2010

EK vs. IM Canada

The road to an IM finish line is all up hill...
Lots have asked "so... what does a bike racer do to train for an Ironman?"
well its a simple questions that has a long long answer. one that will be played out over the course of the entire summer.
The short answer is the same one I use with most of the athletes I work with.
improve weak areas, maximize time and quality, execute flawlessly!

the basic plan is laid out. many races, both tri and bike races are on tap.
along with an early season training camp in Tucson, AZ. Another camp in April with a sponsored team.
The big picture goals are this:

qualify at IMC
Swim 55' -less, EAISLY
Bike sub 5hr, 220+ watts
Run 3:40- less
Training obj.
~Improve Run durability/ frequency
~Frequency of long runs (90')
~Run 8:30's any time/ Race Pace
~run thresh. 6:25
~ continue cycling training.TT focus.
~Raise thresh power, 350.
~lots of 90-95% Int.
~Boulder peak bike/ sub 1hr.
~220+w long rides/ pace rides /Sim ride
~make Swim pace of 1:15-1:20/100 yd TOTALY aerobic/thres. pace
~ 2250+ in 30' test
~10-20x 100yd. On 1:25
~long swims (75'-90')
easier said than done... but either way its gona be fun!
more updates to come.

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