Monday, May 11, 2009

Gila re-cap

A big congratulations to everyone at the Tour of the Gila this year. The EK Endurance Coaching team road very well on the last day. Derek fell victim to a crash that tock out some 45 riders in the pro field and could not finish. He was disappointed but left the race with his head high. He was feeling good on the last day and would have finished strong. Completing this race in the Pro field will change him as a rider. We are exciting to watch Derek this yr. Chris Carr and Brandon Efrid both rode well on the last very tough day to complete the hardest amateur race in the US.
Everyone posted great numbers as well.
Brandon continues to improve, pushing more and more watts at the end of hard road races. Chris Carr’s attacking on day 2 caused almost 30% of the field to get dropped in the first hour! The first 2 climbs we extremely tough. Chris’s normalized power for the first hour of the race was above his Threshold! …Time to raise that number…
More impressive was the last 10’ of that hour were well above his threshold! Very hard and aggressive riding! And to rip apart the TT the very next day with a 4th place. It was just down right impressive!
Congrats to all!

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