Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Up Date

Sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been busy dispite the late time of year for all of us.

Cyclocross is fully underway! yes it is. I have been hitting the group ride in Boulder a bit but don't think I will make any races... so sad. But you never know? we'll see how the energy is in November...

Ironman Hawaii is complete and what a race it was! We had several EN and PTS clients there and kicking some major butt! Even Local, Boulder age grouper, Mark, led the field for a long while. No not his age group field I mean EVEYONE! Nice work dude.

Ironman Florida is looming now and lots of folks headed that way. Check it out HERE. We are excepting good things.

On a personal update I am headed down to the Silverman ½ Ironman. Where I will have the pleasure of going toe to toe with Chris (Maca) McCormick, 2007 ironman world champion. I am going to start a pool as to how much time he can put on me in the short 1.2 mile swim. Will start at 5 minutes and up go up from there.
My training for a long distance tri late in the season after a full road season is always interesting. Lots of strengths and huge, huge weaknesses. Race report should be entertaining at best. Find out more about the Silverman race HERE. Very hilly I hear. I will drop a training article in here on "my" training for the race soon. as well as a post race report.

EK in the news. A few links HERE and an article on soon as well.

New sponsor: Concepts by Gail. She is just getting things started with the business but she has been making items for me for a while. Custom items, made exclusively for you. Practical or gifts. Some things that have been made for me in the past: Arm warmers, Winter hats, area rugs, blankets, covers for the back of my car, bike bags, wheel bags and new newest creation soon to arrive, cover for our out side AC unit. Protecting it from the Colorado winter. SWEET!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Training Article #2

Our New back yard. not bad. great trails and great views for running and the cross bike!

Article #2 in my 3 part series:

  • Cyclocross as cross training?

    Cyclocross is huge. Once participated in as training in the fall and winter months for fun it is now a huge international spectacle. Athletes are now focusing their whole year on cyclocross. Even for us Tri geeks and hard core all road all the time people cyclocorss is luring.

    The question is coming up more and more; will racing cyclocross be a good option for training in the fall and early winter?
    First lets take a look at your year ahead and behind to answer a few questions.
    Have you had enough time TOTALLY off after your last race/ training block? (I prescribe 2-6 weeks)
    Will you have enough time to rest after your cross season and the start of Base training? (2 weeks)
    How taxing was your summer season of racing and training?
    How much other stressors will you encounter? ($$ for bike, race entry, travel, specific training, etc)
    If you answer no and/or “pretty taxing to very taxing” I would seriously consider joining the yelling, full drinks in hand spectators on the side lines. Also, the last question, realize there are a lot of other factors that come into play with your race sch. There are only so many times you can go all out in one season. And while a cross race may be short in relation to road races and triathlons you normally train for they are hard. Really hard! One of the most important things to having a good training program that leads to a successful season is being rested, both physically and mentally. Be sure you can achieve enough total down time between your training phases.
    If you feel after answering these questions you are in the clear move onto the next set of questions to ask yourself.

    Does cyclocross address any of my weaknesses specific to my A race(s)?
    Does cyclocross address any of my weaknesses not specific to my A race(s)?
    Is you’re A race 7 months away or more after your last cyclocross race?

    If cross addresses any of your weak areas it is worth considering. For some, like my self cross is every thing I am bad at on the road wrapped up into 1 hr with a punch in the jaw at the start! For athletes like me cross is a great and extremely fun way to train that weakness. (see my last article) However, and very importantly, the first set of questions are the most important. If you are to be at your best for your BIG event of the year being properly rested, having a good build up of systematic training trumps all. So consider your options carefully.
    So now how do you use this “cross thing” to your advantage? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

    The big picture: your a race is months and months away! Don’t get too caught up in your “cross training” this should be for fun! Leave the ego at home.
    Focus your training on basic skills: You’re racing cyclocross because it is going to address some weak areas but don’t forget to spend time training the basics that got you to where you are now. For example, aerobic base, technique. and efficiency of movement in your primary sports, core strength and flexibility.
    Check your mental state: Its early in the game for you. If you find yourself not pumped up for a muddy race or training ride in the cold rain stay home!! Like I said before being mentally rested and ready to go come time for the big day is the most important preparation you can do.

    I think this can be best done with a training plan. This “transition training plan” has 2 options one with cross and one without. It also realizes that cyclocross is not our primary focus but the first step in our preparation. See sample Here.

Eric is a full time Cycling and Triathlon coach and works with Endurance Nation and performance training systems. For more details on this plan and other transition period plans contact Eric at: