Saturday, March 17, 2007

ups and down's

Been supper busy lately. My Buddy would ask "good busy or bad busy?" This has been good busy.

The Program is full on now. And it is kicking into high gear. racing is kicking into gear and my A race is getting creeping up at an alarming rate!

The other day after a horrible threshold test I was riding around doing some easy climbing and was getting even more upset about how slow I was going. I stopped at a cafe in the a small Mt. town of about 12 people. I had no cash and asked if they tock C.C. knowing it would be a no.

"No", the nice lady said, "we take cash, checks, and IOU's" I laphed and started my way to the door. "you sure you don't want anything?" "I’m OK, thanks." "i'm serious! we take IOU's! what do you want?" she was almost insisting now. looking for something to break the rhythm of my non rhythmic training session I had a coffee. It was an average cup of Joe but the purity of the woman and this town made me realize all the things that pop into my head when I get selfishly down. My life is good and I am one of the luckiest people I know. It also made me think of a quote that Coach Gordo seems to live by and I believe in it more every day.

"We can not build a complete race, without a complete life"

I had a conversation with a teammate the other day about just that. I feel this is one of the most important things for any and every athlete to realize and accept.

Tomorrow I am riding with a client and going back to the cafe. I have a bill to pay and they have homemade sticky buns there! Love the sticky buns.

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