Thursday, September 28, 2006

CROSS OVER: more training and coaching thoughts

With the road season all but over the rise of other forms of athletic touchier start up. Cyclecross being the most prominent, well, football too I guess. I have never really gotten into cross. Racing every weekend from March to Sept is tough enough. The fall (for me) is time to rest, drink beer and fight with my girl friend over what ever game happens to be on that Sunday.
I have always wanted to race in some cyclecross races as cross is the sum of all of my weakness wrapped up into 45+ embarrassing minutes.
For the last 3 years many different reasons have come up and kept me from the races but this year I think it really may happen! Now mind you I am not suggesting that after racing all summer on the road diving full steam into a cycle cross season that goes every weekend until mid December is a good idea, in fact I think it’s a horrible idea!! My approach is that cross will bring out, and there for improve my weaknesses. I am not training full bore for these races and will only do a few. I did go to the local Cross group ride in boulder the other day. pretty fun, and great practice. I didn’t embarrass myself too much. Although I think one girl did beat me? So this weekend we’ll see how things go… Thankfully there will be no girls, sorry, women in my race.
Also going on is the need for me to throw down in a half Ironman again. Right now I am working on some logistics for the SOMA ½. The competition looks a bit harder than Montauk ½ I did last year even for the time of year. But in AZ I guess winter is just a word??
So here I am in full beer drinking, hot wing eating, parting, football watching mode and I have two sports looming that couldn’t be more different. “Coach Eric how are you going to pull this off?!?!?” “simplicity, that’s how, just keeping things simple” This may not sound like a normal “off season” but it will have me more skilled and stronger in the long run. More to come, stay tuned for my progress…

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I have some things for sale on line check them out!!
more things to come this fall, Equipment, gear, clothes and frame at some point...

thermal jacket
thermal jacket #2
and more...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

put in your place

Felling like your the man! or Woman?
got some good race results, a new PR on the local TT or big hill climb?

this should put you in your place!!
this is sick! some may say just down right stupid. I say this guy has a some major elephant sized you-know-what to even attempt this!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Surviving or Competing

trying to finiah the road race with some style...

In cycling, Triathlon and many other endurance and out door sports survival is half the battle. on Monday in the Burlington Crit on the last day of the Green MT stage race I did just that. survived. I survived well too. never really under pressure but also not really able to attack or ride on the front. however, in surviving I out lasted about 30% of the field and moved from about 40th on GC to 29th. I was pretty happy. The tough course and blistering pace on the last day of racing in VT will test the will power and fitness of any rider. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment in finishing. I know many riders who did not. I know some very good riders who did not.
check the race report for the turn by turn details. coming soon!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pure Pain.

check out the day 3 race report!!!
the GMSR road race is one of the hardest in the country!

Friday, September 01, 2006


The pain, chaos, and allout no holds bared racing that is the green mt. stage race is upon us!
more to come, stay tuned!