Monday, April 10, 2006

Team weekend in VT

first off I love Vt. I love New England. The seasons, the green, being able to get breakfast at a diner in Boston and go to bed next to the ocean somewhere in downeast Maine that seams so far away from everything that you would swear that your that only person on earth.
that being said, I was not really amped on the idea on driving 4 hr’s to the Burlington, VT area to train in colder weather than we already have this sping (it snowed on me Wednesday!) and rain. call me crazy. However we called mother nature’s bluff and it was beautiful! a bit chilly, we are like 90' from Motreal, but bright blue skies, good friends and great roads! SAT:after driving p late we arrived at the Shelburne farms estate. pics to come i can't do it justice with words. after sorting through yet more sponsorship stuff from the best sponsors in the world, I was in a daze. the last few days have been long for me. in the morning we had some Vermont maple syrup, with some pancakes on the side and set out for 85-95 miles. it was cold, 40's but sunny. and the sun makes everything nice. easy ride not to hilly, rolling and a brisk pace, riding shoulder to shoulder for 5' at a time or so. then pulling off. we averaged a bit over 20 with the tail wind on our way south. The head wind on the was back was tough but not so bad. we pushed a bit harder to keep honest. Eric Pearson was attacking/ working on his sprint in the beginning of the ride and now that we were coming pass 3:30 hr I decided it was my turn and started putting the pressure on. after a few attacks we turned up Mt. Fillo. not long, pretty short actually for this area, 10' or so. but steep. 22 percent in places. i gave it everything. our new member Eric Tremble (yes there are 3 of us now) leapt away from me about half way up and while I held the gap I couldn’t bring it back. a good effort by everyone. on the last 5-10 miles home I opened it up again. creating some gaps. Jay Bear and I had a nice gap but we were reeled in by our chasseing teammates. all together we drove hard into the head wind to the town line. solid day. More to come.

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