Friday, July 30, 2010

Run up Longs Peak

Last weekend I finished a big run focus week
with a hike/run up Longs peak with 2 EK
Endurance Coaching team members.

Kyle, Amanda and myself headed out at about 4am and got our 14er groove on!
They are headed to Pikes Peak soon to race in the Pikes Peak ascent! Both being avid hikers with several 14er’s and even Mt Kilimanjaro under their belt, they decided to take it up a notch. The pikes peak ascent is a running race form the base of the mt. to the summit. 13.1 miles straight up to an altitude of over 14,000 feet. ! yeah… I’ll be watching.

After some easy hiking for 10 minutes we were warmed up and got into a nice jogging rhythm. I made it to the turn of for chasm lake in 50’ or so. And we were up at the high camp/ boulder field in well under 2hr. we were relegated to hiking/ scrambling up the rest of the climb. The sun rise was beautiful. After hiking through the clouds in the dark we were above a thick white blanket of clouds fully exposed to the sun and her best friend, the blue sky.

The weather was great. Chilly in the shade hot in the sun, standard CO mtn weather.

I did a bit more running on the decent which was not comfortable but held my composure.
What a great day in the outdoors and a fantastic day of training.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Boulder Peak Triathlon

This past weekend was the Boulder Peak triathlon.
An Oly. Distance race that features a short yet nasty climb up the 15 % grades of old stage rd. the scenic beauty of the boulder reservoir and rocky mtns. I have always heard this is a race NOT to missed. My thought was always one of, “its an Oly. dis. triathlon. I know the course, relax, its good I am sure but can be any better than another race?” well now I know! It’s simply awesome.
This race is a fairly big deal with a fantastic pro field and some of the best armatures in the country.
Personally I had a great day out. The best part of the race for me was how I felt. Very in control. I had that, I can’t crack myself if I tried, type of feeling. And while I fell short on a few goals I had set I am not going to dwell on it. Over all this was my best performance this year. I have gotten a lot of questions on my power file from the bike. So… here it is. The min. or 2 at the end can be cut off.
Norm power was 291. Felt great. Pretty evenly paced, despite the steep climb in the first half. I am a mear 155 lbs now so my speed up the climb was probably pretty quick compared to most for the wattage. Would love to hear from any others regards to watts and time/ speed. Especially for the later half of the course. Wondering how aero I am??
I was very impressed with all who were out there racing. Scott F. seemed to have a spot of bother on the run but at the turnaround I realized that’s all it was, a spot. He was right behind me still! Steve Johnson ran a 5:51 pace on the 10k trail run. I can’t even fathom that speed. Erin Finnegan, Amber kardosh and Brent Schoeb did great races despite the altitude, heavy training sch. and some long car travel. Evan Macfarlin, killer race, Max Lawler very nice work. Christiana Glenn continues to rock here AG and looked so strong on the climb. Great chat with Heidi smith post race,
The guys/gals at the beer tent, you rock!!
Sorry to the guy I passed on the right on the turn going into lefthand canyon. And to the riders who I squeezed between them and that van on 63rd st. everyone handled them selves well.
The race was run so well. A great event!